Software Customisations

FE Technologies Software Customisation

The Self Loan Stations have highly customisable software so you can design the very best user experience for your library’s patrons.

The software is configured using the Management Console which is simple to use and does not require extensive IT or coding expertise. You can either choose one of FE Technologies many “out of the box” solutions or you can create your own user experience that mirrors your library’s business rules and makes each transaction quick and easy for your patrons.  Here’s how:


Workflow Control


Design each workflow – the steps that a patrons takes to perform each transaction.  You can decide the sequence of borrowing steps, what happens when an exception is detected, how to direct a patron to make a payment of a fine, how patrons can view and renew items on their account, etc.  You can build in additional items like book recommendation services, reservations management, DVD unlocking and much more.  You can decide which language options to display (there are 32 to choose from!) according to each branch’s local demographic.



Layout, design, advertising


The Self Loan Station can be customised with your own opening screen or screen-saver, advertising screens, a customised banner header, your own icons and logos – you decide how you want your screen to look.

You can even customise the receipt layout and content.  Each branch can have its own receipt header and footer – so patrons know which branch they borrowed from.