FE Technologies


The FE Technologies Singulator is an add-on to the FE Technologies suite of Automatic Sorters.  It uses advanced engineering to transform the delivery of multiple items from a return chute to single items that are fed one by one into the sorting module.

The Singulator maximises the patron returns experience by allowing patrons to return multiple items at a time via the chute.  Items are checked in automatically, allowing the patron to borrow again immediately.

Meanwhile the unique components of the Singulator are working to speedily separate the items:

  • The buffer is a deep holding area directly behind the chute that allows very large numbers of items to be returned at one time, then feeds them gradually onto the next part of the Singulator
  • Angled ramps use a gentle transport system to move the items along at a 30 degree angle. They then turn a right corner which further separates the items
  • Perspex separation fingers gently pull apart any items that are persistently stuck upon each other
  • Any items that are not separated and sent back to the buffer to come through the system again. If, after 3 attempts items are persistently stuck together they will be automatically sent to the exception bin of the Automatic Sorter
  • Items are then fed, one by one into the Automatic Sorter

The Singulator complements FE Technologies Automatic Sorters by allowing multiple item returns – this means your entire returns system is fast and does not require any staff intervention – it’s truly automatic.