Designer Clear Security Gates

The Designer Clear Security gates are the ideal security solution for libraries who need an aesthetically subtle security system that blends in with existing library architecture and interior design.  These gates are made from high clear acrylic, so they are visually low-profile, blending into the background.

These gates provide libraries with the high performance you’ve come to expect from our products, including:

  • 3-dimensional read range – highly effective read range and detection rate of all unsecured items no matter how they’re held or hidden
  • LED and audio alarm
  • Alarm logs showing items that have alarmed the gates
  • People Counter – a bi-directional people counter provides valuable reports on library traffic into and out of the library each hour, day, week and month
  • Easy installation options, with no channel required for a single aisle configuration
  • Multiple aisles can be “daisy-chained” from one power source