Conversion to RFID

FE Technologies

Conversion to RFID

Converting even the largest collection to RFID need not be a lengthy or stressful process. The process is performed using an FE Technologies’ Mobile Retrospective Encoder (it’s completely mobile and cordless) – available for rental, or you can use a desktop encoder to perform the task at one location if preferred.

An item list is loaded to the Mobile Retrospective Encoder, then you scan each item and a tag is automatically encoded and printed ready for application – this process is very fast and easy to perform. As the title is printed on each tag the library can accurately place the right tag on the right item.

The FE Technologies solution allows libraries to make their collection RFID ready quickly and easily with minimal disruption to library operations. Depending on how many people are working the Encoder at a time, you can expect to encode upwards of 3000 items a day.

You can also choose to tag your collection with blank tags, which will make your conversion speed a little faster.

FE Technologies supplies blank tags as well printer rolls for the Mobile Retrospective Encoder. FE Technologies also offers an outsourced conversion process.