Easy, speedy, multiple item

Would your patrons like an easy, speedy and multiple item borrowing procedure that removes the need to visit the circulation desk?

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Home Security


Including AV

 Does your library need to know its valuable collection is completely secure at all times?

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To suit every library

Would your patrons like to be able to return items and have them immediately removed off their borrowing record?

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FE Technologies.  RFID that works.


Self_Loan_Touch_ScreenFE Technologies is the leading Australasian-based RFID company with a suite of innovative RFID solutions designed to boost efficiency, sales and customer service across a range of markets.  In just a few short years we have assisted over 170 library groups (comprising over 400 individual sites) across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to install RFID and achieve outstanding results in self checkout, stocktaking, and the returns process.  And in our more recent ventures into the UHF RFID field our customers are seeing amazing results in retail item stocktaking and vehicle tracking.

In the library sphere we offer a range of RFID products from RFID tags to intuitive self loan stations, extremely speedy stock take units and state of the art automatic sorting solutions.   With a compliment of 30 staff dedicated solely to RFID and a large Research and Development Department, our customers can be confident in seeing continual product improvements and enhancements along with brand new product releases, such as our new Smart Shelf that transforms the tedious on holds process.

RetailIn the retail sphere our stock tracking solution is providing our customers with inventory accuracy with a simple and speedy daily stocktake that allows immediate and accurate stock replenishment.

And moving ahead in leaps and bounds in the vehicle tracking arena, FE Technologies has recently completed an installation at a large Alpine resort that tracks incoming vehicles, facilitates online pass purchases, issues infringements and monitors the location and numbers of vehicles within the resort.


Vehicle_Tracking Contact us now to find out how FE Technologies can make RFID work for your library or business, using cutting edge RFID technology.